Easy to follow steps that would lead you to a happy ending, a proud homeowner.

The Compromise to Buy - with you, your partner and your family.

The Financial Plan - saving money for the initial payment, loan origination fee, closing costs, etc.

Your Credit Verification - it's very important to examine your credit and your credit score before you go out to look for a property.  A good credit and credit score will give financial Institutions an ease to lend you money, it also help you negotiate better options and interest rates.

The Financial Aspects - to be considered are:  the loan pre-qualification, the initial payment, the loan options and the closing costs.  You should be prepared to pay between 2% to 7% of purchase price in closing costs.  These varies depending on the type of loan you apply for.

The Pre-approval of the Financial Institution of your choice - This calculation indicate how much you can afford to pay on a mortgage loan.  Once you know this amount, you have to determine how much money you have available for your initial payment and the range in property price.  Keep in mind that in addition to the mortgage loan there are other costs like property insurance, maintenance costs, taxes (CRIM), etc.

Hire a Real Estate Profesional - to look for properties to view according to you and your family needs.  To coach you and free up your time, doing the work for you.   To negotiate the best price and to follow through that leads to a sucessful purchase.

Keep in mind that I'm here to help you in all your Real Estate needs.  Please give me a call or send me an email once you decide to go ahead and purchase your home.  A home is what you make of a house.